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Elfsight is all-in-one service with over 80 customizable plug-and-play widgets for your website or directory.

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Import Google Maps profile data to automatically create instant listings.


Transform your directory search with dynamic, enhanced, interactive maps.

Display related listings on profile pages. Configure multiple options.

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35% OFF Regular pricing

35% OFF Regular pricing


Get one on one personal consultation to help start or refine your business or finish your directory

$10 off current rates

Engage - One on one live Zoom discussion on your needs

Capture - Meeting recordings only available for members

Boost - Get Tips and Tricks learned from other directories

Rate Lock-in - Lock your existing hourly pricing


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Create brilliant interactive courses to monetize your knowledge and help your audience achieve results

$70/mo Value - INCLUDED

Grow - UNLIMITED courses, students, video storage, traffic

Go Live - Host live hybrid events with group chat, recording

Schedule - Automated messaging, reminders, drip release

Engage - Online discussions, assignments, polls, quizzes

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Search over 300 hours of topic based discussion & videos from Brilliant Directories / DirectoryToolkit

$500 Value - INCLUDED

DirectoryWebinar - Over 100 hours of my content

BD Webinar Wednesdays - Over 200 hours of content

Community Developers - Content from other BD partners

Tips of the Week - Short high value content videos

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A membership community for directory entrepreneurs Join today to share and learn from each other

Unlimited Value

Connect - Share experiences with fellow directory owners

Contribute - Participate and contribute to the community

Courteous - Help when possible, provide honest feedback

Channels - Focused channels for all software and services

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Engage visitors, capture leads, and drive more sales with on-site messaging

$15/mo Value - INCLUDED

Engage - Over 15 popup types fully customizable

Capture - Pass leads automatically to Email/CRM solutions

Boost - Drive more sales with interactive reward widgets

Market - Pinpoint messaging, control when they appear

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Earn extra income by referring customers to our software and services

Unlimited Earning Potential

Earn - Earn up to 30% recurring revenue for each sale

Share - Coming soon assets and resources for you to use

Schedule - Payment made via PayPal every month

Retain - Help your clients or referrals in the group channels!

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Cloud based QR code builder that allows you to create, share and profit from 20+ types of QR Codes

$15/mo Value - INCLUDED

Grow - Create UNLIMITED QR codes with 20 built-in types

Brand - Customize color, shape, icons, borders and size

Change - Dynamic links keep content updated over time

Analyze - Track popular links with scan analytics

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Automate collection of high-quality testimonials for your directory or other websites

$70/mo Value - INCLUDED

Collect - Add branded testimonial capture forms to your site

Display - Show reviews on your directory using widgets

Integrate - Sync reviews with Google, Facebook, Yelp, more

Market - Share your reviews on your favorite social networks

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Make your directory accessible to people with disabilities and attain ADA & WCAG compliance

$10/mo Value - INCLUDED

Access - ADA & WCAG compliance with a single script install

Customize - Readability, Visual, Accessibility, Orientation

Comply - Avoid Legal Issues -Protect Yourself & Clients

Brand - White label widget with color branding

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Digital marketing simulator for your directory, business planning, and funnel optimization

$30/mo Value - INCLUDED

Map - Quickly & easily make visual diagrams of any funnel

Simulate - Automatically calculate potential revenue, profit

Templates - Library of pre-made simulations to duplicate

Report - Run powerful reports for any simulation you make

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Automatically record, transcribe, edit and share your Zoom, Meet, or Teams video calls with ease

$15/mo Value - INCLUDED

Record - Audio & Video Recording - Full video or clips

Transcribe - Transcribes anything on Zoom or Meet - live

Highlight - One click to highlight key meeting moments

Share - Share your reports, highlights or recordings

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